Investor Relations For the Modern Era

Trupoly redefines the client-investment manager relationship through a secure, customizable, fully automated and trackable document delivery system. This easy-to-use investor relationship management software translates into a significantly enhanced experience for clients and radical reductions in time, cost and administrative burdens for investment managers.


Drag and drop any file or folder to automatically distribute documents


Valuable, in-depth investor tracking capabilities


Detailed investment pages provide secure, updated info


Market new opportunities to current and prospective investors

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Can be viewed on any internet-connected device

Trupoly Investor Management Software

Why Trupoly?

Every interaction between you and your clients is an opportunity to enhance value and build trust – we understand this better than anyone, which is why we are dedicated to improving your business by improving your client relationships. Integrating Trupoly’s software is perhaps the fastest and most cost effective way to improve client satisfaction, eliminate paperwork, reduce time and stress, and redefine yourself as a technologically savvy firm of the future.

Investors expect online transparency for every other asset class. We bring that to real estate.

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